Priya Rai Rumored to Be on Bigg Boss

Priya Rai is one of the hottest porn stars around. The amazing dark haired sex goddess hails from India, but she was adopted at the age of two and came to America. Since then, this amazing beauty has been making America just a little brighter.

Now it looks as if Priya Rai might be set to appear in the wildly popular India reality show, “Bigg Boss”, a show with a very similar theme as the American show, “Big Brother.” In “Bigg Boss,” it is not uncommon to see celebrities, and if Priya guest stars on the show, she won’t be the first porn star on the set. Sunny Leone appeared on the show in the past and viewers loved it. Rumors say that a Priya Rai appearance would send ratings through the roof.

Unfortunately for now, the rumors are unconfirmed and according to her Twitter post, Priya herself is denying it. But we, her many fans, can’t help for even more exposure for our beautiful sex queen. Priya Rai should have the whole world of fans worshiping at her naughty feet.

Stay posted and as soon as more info about Priya and Bigg Boss is available, we’ll update you!

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Priya Rai Uses Her Curves to Captivate

The body on Indian pornstar, Priya Anjali Rai, is amazing. Her curves are outstanding and the way that she shows them off in her pretty bra and panty set adds to her allure even more.

Priya wears her panties high on her hips and her brown areolas peek out from her tight bra cups. She squeezes her sensational rack together and parts her knees to tease you with thoughts of that warm pussy.

Priya strips with purpose and runs her fingers over her smooth skin. She shows everything to you and will have you lusting to experience it all.

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Priya Rai Seduces Her Best Friend’s Man

When it comes to sex and getting big cock, Priya Anjali Rai, doesn’t care about playing fair. Nothing is going to get in the way of the busty Indian babe getting off.

Hanging out at her best friend’s house, Priya spends some alone time with her gal pal’s lover. She has heard that he is well endowed and makes her move to experience his monster rod for herself.

When she senses his uncertainty in his relationship, she jumps in to offer some relationship advice and then offers to help him build his confidence by letting him enjoy her big tits and plunge deep into her her wet cunt.

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    Priya Rai Silver Dress and Sweet Ass

    Fans of Priya Rai know that she is a MILF, but it is hard to believe that a woman so naughty and sexy could be anyone’s mommy when she is such an extraordinary seductress.

    There are no kids in sight as the goddess peels out of her tight silver dress and exposes her womanly curves to the camera. Her luscious tits might take your breath away, but it is that sweet big ass that really stuns and Priya is more than pleased to bend over and spread those cheeks. She’ll spread that slick pussy for you too.

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    Priya Rai Busty and Lusty in a Red Wig

    We love every look that we see from sexy Indian firecracker, Priya Anjali Rai. We have followed her career from more natural glamour-style modeling to her full throttle hardcore action and have adored every bit. There is no other porn star quite like Priya Rai.

    For this pictorial, the brunette wears a bright red wig and hosiery that will have much more than your eyes bulging.

    Priya unzips her leather vest to let her huge tits come into view and then slides down her tight pantyhose to show her big round ass and unbelievably sexy pussy.

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    Priya Rai is too Hot for the Country

    Priya Rai can wear short jean shorts and a tie-front top all that she wants, but we know that she is far too confidently sexy to ever be confused for a country girl. It is obvious that the brown-skin seductress likes to get naughty world wide.

    This gallery features the gorgeous big boobs goddess undressing from her skimpy attire outside. She first presents her plump ass and then opens up her shirt to let her luscious rack be free for viewing and pleasure.

    With your full attention secured, Priya squats down and spreads her pussy lips to beckon your eyes and desires to her sweet honey hole.

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    Priya Rai Does a Stunning Strip and Spread

    Gorgeous is a severe understatement when describing how Priya Anjali Rai looks in her shiny, form fitting dress with her dark hair worn up with loose curls.

    The professional temptation really works her mojo as she struts around in front of the camera, teasing out her big boobs and making you wait for the reveal of her suckable nipple tips.

    Of course no Priya gallery is complete without shots of her sweet wet pussy and she definitely provides in these stunning images!

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    Priya Rai Strips to Show Pussy

    Fans of Indian enchantress, Priya Anjali Rai, have seen the MILF strip hundreds of times, but she somehow manages to make every new shoot sexier than the last and nothing ever becomes dull. She is a true star.

    Priya stands pretty inside in front of a fireplace and allows you to fully drink in the exquisite view of her clothed body. Once you are mesmerized at the classy version of the vixen, she teases out her naughty side and will have you throbbing for it.

    As Priya undresses and her large breasts are exposed, she looks directly into the camera with a lusty gaze. The seduction continues as she gets totally nude and spreads her moist pussy wide.

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    Priya Rai in a Short Little Dress

    Priya Anjali Rai really knows how to shop for clothes. Everything she wears looks stunning on her, but that probably has more to do with her smoking hot body than her actual style. We think she is one woman who could look great in absolutely anything.

    Softcore and seductive, Priya poses in her short dress outside and the deep plunging neckline reveals just how impressive her abundant cleavage actually is.

    It is just a matter of time before the beauty is bending over to show off her sexy bare ass and no panties pussy. Before you know it, those juicy boobs are out too and she is cradling them in her skillful hands.


    Priya Rai Gets Bent Over the Billiards Table

    Moaning loudly about how much she likes it, raunchy Indian pornstar, Priya Rai, demands that her ass gets slapped as she is bent over the billiards table and taking a merciless deep dicking.

    Wearing fishnet stockings with her large boobs bouncing loose, she gets handled hungrily and expresses her ecstasy.

    Pulling his dick out of her hot hole, Priya’s lover bows down to spread her cheeks and lick her ass before diving his prick right back in and pumping her with a juicy fury.

    Priya is a very naughty MILF!

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